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Bifold Doors: How They Work and Their Benefits

Bifold Doors: How They Work and Their Benefits

Bifold doors are a flexible, tailored solution for homeowners looking to connect their indoor and outdoor spaces and flood their interior with light and fresh air. A popular addition to open plan living areas and extensions, bifold doors are attractive, practical and high-performance.

We install Senior Architectural Systems’ PURe® FOLD doors, designed and manufactured in the UK.

How do they work?

Bifold doors run smoothly along an aluminium tracking system, and stack neatly together either inwards or outwards, and to the left or right of the opening. The PURe® FOLD doors have a flush threshold, incorporating both cill and track, seamlessly blending inside and outside.


Strength: Aluminium’s inherent strength allows for slimline frames that support larger spans of glazing.

Durability: With an expected lifespan of 40 years, our PURe FOLD aluminium bifold doors offer a highly durable, long-term solution. Aluminium is a particularly low-maintenance material. The powder coated finish requires no sanding or painting, and won’t split or warp. SAS aluminium is also 100% recyclable

Weather Resistant: With a thermally broken frame, our aluminium bifold doors perform extremely well against the weather. Both frames and glazing keep the cold and rainout, whilst retaining the heat built up inside your home

Thermal Performance: The PURe FOLD’s innovative, enhanced thermal barrier ensures ultra-low U values. Available with double or triple glazed units, our bifold doors come with argon filled, A-rated glass as standard.

Flexibility: Our bifold doors come in flexible configurations of up to 8 doors, with many configurations including one traffic door that works as a standard hinged door. When designing your bifold, think about how you use the surrounding space, the direction of traffic and the impact stacked doors might have.

Here at Alexander Windows, we install a variety of windows, doors and conservatory roofs from market-leading brands. You can browse our comprehensive range of products and collections in our showroom, or in our virtual tour. If you have any questions about bifold doors, or any of our products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 0800 954 2500 today!

SAS doors
Aluminium bifold doors, blending an open plan living space with a patio and garden.

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