Your dream home is more than just a vision.

Homeowners across Manchester and Cheshire have been turning to us for decades to help them to realise their dreams for their home. Be it a quaint cottage renovation or a new build home, The Lounge provides the perfect space to relax, cut out the noise and breathe life into your plans.

We never tire of hearing about our customers’ ideas, and helping to make those dreams a reality is our biggest passion. We understand that it can take months, even years, for those early ideas to take shape. It needs research and technical know-how. Sometimes, it’s just a helping hand when you’re experiencing doubt or uncertainty.

Bring your architectural plans, Pinterest boards, paint swatches and fabric. The Lounge is a place to be creative, and an opportunity for us to learn about the lifestyle you have in mind. Now more than ever, your windows and doors form part of your overall interior design; it’s just as important to us as it is to you that the end result is absolutely perfect.

The Lounge is your space. Somewhere where you can take time and space to reflect, annotate and design. We’re here to guide you should you need it, and make suggestions along the way. It’s your home, your future, your lifestyle – the culmination of your achievements. And nothing brings us more joy than helping you to make it a reality.

Relax, you’re in The Lounge

A renovation or extension is very exciting, and yet we appreciate that it can also feel overwhelming sometimes. The Lounge was created to provide a relaxing, quiet space where we can support and guide you through your decisions.

Like you, we want everything to be perfect. We will work alongside you to realise your dreams, no matter how humble or how grand, with the commitment, expertise and discretion we are known for.

SAS Aluminium windows in living room

Where do we start?

The Lounge is for anyone who feels they need guidance and a little more space. Whether you’re designing your dream new build home or working on the renovation of an older property, we’re here to discuss your options in a relaxed setting.

Some people bring architect’s drawings, others have a vibrant Pinterest board and photography of the existing property. However you prefer to work, we’ll be here every step of the way.

Residence the lounge

The Lounge is a service

Some projects need a little more time. More time to appreciate the breadth of products on offer, and time to ensure that what you choose will help tie your whole vision together.

As a family, we have been helping people to make these decisions for over three decades. We have samples and swatches in abundance and, perhaps more importantly, the time to listen to the lifestyle you’re looking to build.

If time and space to consider your options in the company of a time-served family member is what your project needs, then The Lounge is perfect for you.

Residence the lounge

Always here

Renovations and builds throw all sorts of curveballs into the mix, and we appreciate that changes in plans can affect the products that you feel are right for you. Whether you need a couple of visits or a dozen over the course of a year, The Lounge is here for you whenever you need it.

Come and talk through the changes with us over a coffee, and we can run through any impact those changes may have on the finishing touches.

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