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Glass Conservatory Roofs

High-performance, glass conservatory roofs

Our glass conservatory roofs are the perfect solution for those looking to use their conservatory more whilst flooding their home with natural light. The high-performance nature of the glass we use ensures that your conservatory will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A glass conservatory roof can replace most traditional polycarbonate roofs in as little as a day, or can be part of a complete replacement conservatory.

Self-cleaning class

The glass we use in our conservatory roofs is coated, which means that dirt and dust washes away with the rain. A more thorough clean is only needed for more stubborn mess.

polycarbonate roofed conservatory


Our glass conservatory roofs are soft coated and filled with argon, which means they are excellent at keeping the heat in during the winter.

new conservatory interior

A quiet space

Glass is excellent at absorbing sound which means your conservatory will be a quiet and peaceful space, even when it’s raining heavily overhead.

Choice and performance

Our glass conservatory roofs are no exception, making for a beautiful, light-filled conservatory that keeps your living space at a comfortable temperature all year long.

polycarbonate roofed conservatory

Choose your finish

  • Argon-filled glazing reduces your U-value and offers long-term performance
  • Self-cleaning glass ensures your roof stays clean whatever the weather
  • Available in a choice of finishes to match existing frames, including woodgrains, grey and black
  • Anti-glare properties keep the intensity of the sun at bay
  • Compatible with any style of conservatory
  • Tough, shatterproof and secure

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