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Sliding Patio Doors – Transform Your Living Space

The weather has changed and summer is officially on the way! As the days grow longer, bring the sun and fresh air into your home with a sliding patio door. Patio doors open up your home, increase the amount of space and light, and bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living.  Here we will look at the benefits of sliding patio doors and how they can really elevate your space. 

What is a patio door?

Sliding patio doors move horizontally along a track and are very simple to operate. They’re made up of two or more large glass panels which are opened by sliding one panel behind the other. The design of sliding patio doors means that only half of the entrance can open, with one panel always remaining in place.  The extra-large glass panels and minimal frames give you uninterrupted views and easy access to the outside, and unlike bifold doors that need to stack somewhere, and French doors that open in or out, you won’t need to worry about them taking up additional space.  The low threshold of sliding doors helps dissolve the boundary between your home and your outdoor space, as well as providing easy accessibility. 

We supply sliding patio doors in uPVC and aluminium, but what’s the difference?

Our uPVC sliding doors come courtesy of Kömmerling. We have been installing Kömmerling products since we were founded in 1991, and believe that their uPVC profile is the best available. Their sliding door has been awarded the highest security specification available, while the aluminium track makes for particularly smooth operation. uPVC finishes include black, white, grey and cream, plus woodgrain finishes like rosewood and oak.  While the frame to glass ratio is slightly higher with uPVC frames, streamlined designs and strong frames still support large panes of glass. uPVC is also the more cost-effective option. 

If your preference is for aluminium, then our sliding doors from AluK are just the ticket.  Aluminium sliding patio doors come with a slim yet strong frame, which allows for a larger glazed area. They combine high thermal performance with stunning design, and a smooth glide along the track made even more effortless with a lift and slide option. With much slimmer profiles than uPVC, you can enjoy improved views and access to your outdoor space without having to compromise on security.  AluK doors are independently checked, comply with the latest security regulations and are Police Approved as standard. With an expected lifespan of 40 years, easily exceeding current and future building regulations, you can be assured you’re making a great investment.  Standard aluminium finishes are black, white and grey but they can be powder coated to any RAL number for an additional cost.

Alternatives to sliding patio doors

If you don’t feel sliding doors are for you, what are your other options?  Bifolds have slimmer aluminium frames allowing for more glazing and as they fold back completely, they really do offer a seamless transition between the inside and outside, opening up 90% of the doorway.   Alternatively you may opt for French doors, which provide a wider opening than standard traffic doors.  Available in a number of colours and configurations, and as uPVC, aluminium or composite doors, they can open inwards and outwards and can be made with side panels and/or fanlights. Both these options open up your space and bring lots of lovely natural light into the room.  Unlike sliding doors, any space you’ve created will be taken up by the need to stack your bifolds or have your French doors remain open inwards or outwards, so bear this in mind. 

Whether you choose uPVC or aluminium, the space-saving benefits of a sliding patio door make them an excellent choice for modern homes with busy living areas.  They are energy-efficient, incredibly secure and durable, and low-maintenance, providing year-round comfort and use. Contact our friendly team today for a chat about how a sliding patio door could help transform your living space. 

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