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A Homeowner’s Guide to Grey Composite Doors

For decades now grey has been the most popular neutral, and while it has perhaps fallen in and out of favour with interior designers, it’s still one of most popular colours when considering the exterior aesthetic of a home, in particular the front door. 

From cooler greys to those with warmer undertones, there are a myriad of shades on the grey spectrum, making it a very versatile colour.  But with all the choices available to us, how do we narrow down which shade of grey is going to work best for our home, making the right impact and bringing the desired curb appeal? Read on for our quick guide to choosing the right shade of grey for your composite door. 

Shades of Grey

Rockdoor and Solidor, the manufacturers of composite doors we sell, have eight shades of grey to select from, shown below. The ‘R’ denotes a colour offered by Rockdoor and the ‘S’ by Solidor.

What to Consider

The age and style of your property plays a huge part in selecting which shade of grey will work best.  Whether you live in a period or modern home, and whether it’s brick, stone or rendered, there’s a grey to create that perfect first impression. 

Red brick

The colour variation in red brick is broad, ranging from warm, earthy tones, to deep reds and oranges. Think about softening the aesthetic by again looking at the shades at the lighter end of the spectrum such as Painswick/Agate Grey, while Pebble Grey brings a modern and stylish feel.  Twilight Grey with its pale green and blue undertones is a fresh and contemporary choice. 


A timeless and durable material, think about the natural colours present.  Neutrals and pastels lend themselves well to stone properties, so we’d recommend Painswick/Agate Grey, a soft and muted green-grey that would complement more traditional or contemporary stone, or French Grey, which with hints of lavender would be a wonderful choice for both light and dark stone exteriors. Think too about the style of door; if you are in a period property a more traditional style might be more complementary, whereas a more modern stone home could take a contemporary style with more glazing.


The bolder, darker greys lend themselves well to the clean lines and smooth finishes of a fully rendered property.  An Anthracite Grey or Midnight Grey door will have a bold impact against cream or white render, perhaps with planters or greenery bringing added interest.  Don’t overlook the impact of a more pastel tone like Pebble Grey or Agate Grey, though, which will bring a softer touch to a modern exterior. 

Rockdoor Jacobean, Agate Grey

Grey works well for a part-rendered home too – think a 1920s or 1930s style home with a combination of a light cream or white render and red brickwork.  Here you could go for something more traditional and in keeping with the period style, featuring a coloured glass design for instance, with heritage ironmongery. Or you might choose to take a more modern approach with a solid door and bar handle.  

Durability and Longevity

As well as being your home’s entry point this is the first impression visitors will have of what lies beyond the door, so consider what you want that impression to be!  Your home should be a reflection of you and your taste, and your front door is a canvas to express that taste and enhance its curb appeal.  However, selecting a colour that’s too bold or not quite in keeping with the architecture may have an impact if you decide to sell.  Some shades of grey naturally have a more timeless, elegant appeal and this is worth bearing in mind.  

One of the key advantages of composite doors is their exceptional durability and resistance to fading. Unlike traditional wooden doors, which are susceptible to warping, rotting, and fading over time, composite doors are engineered to withstand the elements.  The uPVC skin is designed to replicate the look of timber but it certainly won’t require the same upkeep! The specialist finish will prevent fading and colour distortion and can be maintained by simply cleaning periodically with soap and water, ensuring your grey composite door will continue to look as vibrant and impactful as the day it was installed. 

Rockdoor Jacobean, Slate Grey

Grey composite doors offer a perfect blend of style, durability, and elegance for any home. Whatever your taste and style there’s a shade that will suit your aesthetic. Have a go at designing your perfect grey composite door using our Solidor and Rockdoor designers at, where you can view the design you’ve created on your own home, or contact our friendly team for more information. 

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