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Reeded Glass is Back! Vintage Vibes for Modern Homes

Oh how we love it when a trend comes back round, and this time it’s reeded glass that is making a comeback in a big way. But what exactly is reeded glass, and why is it a great choice for your home? Read on to find out!

What is reeded glass?

Reeded glass, also known as fluted glass, is a stylish and functional design element with a ribbed, vertical pattern. The grooves, about 12mm apart, obscure views enough for privacy while still allowing light to filter through beautifully. This unique texture is created by pressing semi-molten glass against metal rollers.

Vintage Vibes

In terms of design, reeded glass can complement a variety of styles. It has a bit of a vintage vibe, often evoking the charm of Art Deco or mid-century modern design. Yet, it fits just as well in contemporary settings, adding a sleek, subtle texture that can break up the monotony of flat surfaces.

What’s wonderful about reeded glass is its versatility. It strikes that perfect balance between form and function. On the one hand, it’s stylish and adds a touch of texture to any space. On the other hand, it offers practical benefits like privacy without sacrificing light, with the grooves obscuring the view through the glass just enough to keep prying eyes out. It’s no wonder that reeded glass is making such a splash at the moment.

Where will it work?

Reeded glass is incredibly versatile and can be installed in both windows and doors. There’s one space, though, where reeded glass is proving to be particularly popular: Heritage Aluminium doors. Reminiscent of styles popular from 1920 to 1950, our Heritage Aluminium doors are the perfect partner for reeded glass. They are perfect design partners.

Versatile and elegant, reeded glass complements various styles, from vintage Art Deco to modern designs. The tactile quality of the ridges will also enhance the feel of everyday objects like cabinet doors and shower screens.

If you think reeded glass might be perfect for your next project, contact our friendly team for more information, or pop along to our showroom where you can see it up close. We’re open 6 days a week and always happy to help.

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