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Rockdoor Glass Design – Style & Security As Standard

Rockdoor have been at the forefront of composite door innovation for decades, and these new glass designs are proof of that. Clean lines and simple glass designs have been in high demand over recent years, so Rockdoor have decided to expand on their range to offer homeowners even more choice.


Vermont Continuity

The Vermont Continuity is a subtle but stunning glass design. The 3D glass emphasises the door mouldings, with clear glass lines that run through on the front facing piece of glass, with the reverse on the inner piece of glass.

The Vermont door is particularly popular in Slate Grey and Anthracite Grey, but can be made in any of the colours offered by Rockdoor. Paired with a long bar handle like the one pictured here, and you have a sleek entrance that will protect you and your home for years to come.


Vogue Haze

The addition of the Haze glass design to the Vogue door is a response to the glass design’s popularity in other door styles. The simple but intricate nature of this glass design has seen it soar in popularity over recent years, so it makes perfect sense for this to be introduced as part of the Vogue door style.

The Haze glass design is seen here paired with Satin glass in the side panels, providing excellent privacy whilst also allowing natural light into your home.


Vogue Archer

The Vogue Archer door is a linear, sandblasted design that creates fantastic kerb appeal. A little step to the left or right gives a totally different dimension to the design.

Pictured here is the Vogue Archer door in black with a matching black frame and a round long bar handle. Simplicity at its finest.


Vogue Shade

The Vogue Shade looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. It is a blend of sandblasted glass and gentle frosted patches that created a truly beautiful 3D effect.

Seen here paired with Rockdoor’s brand new square long bar handle, both the inside and outside of your home will be totally transformed when this door is installed.


Vermont Shade

The Vermont Shade glass design is the same as the Vogue shade glass design. The difference is that the Vogue door has a wider area of glass. If you’re looking for a little more privacy but like the Shade glass design, the slimmer piece of glass found in the Vermont door is a great choice.

Seen here paired with Rockdoor’s brand new square long bar handle and Satin glass to the side panels for even more privacy.


Vermont Optima

The Vogue Optima provides a truly stunning effect, creating a contemporary entrance for your home. Rockdoor’s range of 3D glass designs have proven to be popular, so this latest addition is very welcome.

The Vogue Optima is shown here in grey with a matching grey frame and a stainless stell long bar handle. The side panels also have satin glass for added privacy.