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Introducing Rockdoor

We have been installing Rockdoors for over fifteen years and honestly believe they are the best doors on the market. They are strong, thermally efficient, and gorgeous to look at. That’s why we have them in our own homes.


Buy The Best

We have been installing Rockdoor composite doors since their foundation in 1996. We have thousands of installations under our belts, and can confidently say that Rockdoor is one of the best composite doors on the market. Year on year, they prove to be a popular choice among our customers. For those with discerning taste and security at the forefront of their minds, a Rockdoor is difficult to beat. With anti-snap, police-approved lock as standard and a beautiful range of finished and styles to choose from, the Rockdoor name is a fusion of top security and effortless style.


Protect What You Love

Rockdoor composite doors have gained a reputation as one of the most secure composite doors available, with anti-snap locks as standard and a slab that is 50mm thick and reinforced with aluminium. Quite often, a back door is overlooked or considered unimportant, leaving a home vulnerable to unwanted visitors. Rockdoor’s range of doors will put those concerns to bed, and look stylish in the process.


Visit Our Showroom

We have a comprehensive display of over 60 composite doors in our showroom, and Rockdoors make up more than a dozen of those. Choosing the right door for your home is an important decision, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to see the different colours and glass designs available. Our showroom is a relaxed environment: we’ll leave you to browse and will be on hand for advice or a friendly chat about the options that might work best for you and your home.

Our showroom is currently being operated on a By Appointment basis. PPE and hand sanitiser will be provided, too.