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The Rockdoor Back Door Collection

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is so important, which means installing a door that is almost impenetrable is at the top of most people’s lists. Your back door – often more private than your front door – can be quite vulnerable. Any door can be installed as a back door, but below are some of our more popular styles.


Rockdoor Stable Doors

Rockdoor Stable Doors combine the award-winning security with the convenience and style that you desire for your home.

One of the main reasons homeowners choose a Rockdoor stable door is because it allows you to open the top part of the door for ventilation, whilst keeping your children and pets safe inside. When you need the benefits of a window and the security of a composite door, you need a Rockdoor stable door.


Black Rockdoor
Faded Green Rockdoor
Wood Brown Rockdoor