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Inotherm in The Lounge

German-designed, refined by you

Inotherm aluminium entrance doors are one of the most sought after doors in Europe. Precision-manufactured to the highest level, they set a new standard of innovation and design excellence.

Inotherm doors go above and beyond the superior durability, thermal and acoustic performance afforded by aluminium. Built with a Schüco-patented profile, Inotherm combines cutting-edge technology, such as a high-resolution 3D fingerprint sensor, smartphone recognition system and schedule management, with advanced integrated security features.

The result is an exceptionally secure, high-performance entrance door, that protects your home and complements your way of life.

A suite of striking designs, finishes and furniture, as well as app-controlled LED lighting, offer even more ways to customise a show-stopping entrance door, tailored strictly to your home and lifestyle. 

In The Lounge, we’ll guide you through Inotherm’s host of state-of-the-art features and design details, in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

A considered and dedicated service

Inotherm’s high-performance features and personalised technology requires a holistic approach when choosing the right door for your home.

In The Lounge, we’ll consider every detail of your home improvement project and help you tailor an Inotherm door that facilitates your lifestyle, keeps your home secure and sets it apart from the rest. 

Whether you need dedicated support or simply a relaxed space to pull together your ideas, in The Lounge you’ll benefit from the Alexander family’s expertise, [hospitality] and attention to detail. 

Pioneering technology

Inotherm offers the app-controlled Inosmart intelligent door opening system. Advanced features for security and convenience include three opening modes, a motorised automatic locking, data encryption, a high-resolution 3D fingerprint sensor, smartphone recognition system and event archive records.

The Inosmart system accommodates up to 100 fingerprints, numeric codes or smartphones. The schedule management function allows or prevents access through your entrance or secondary garage door, according to your schedule. 

Exceptional security features

Inotherm’s integrated security technology includes: 

  • 5 or 6-point locks with solid hooks as standard.
  • Double-sided action, 6-key cylinder, with automatic door locking and convenient opening with a key, remote control, or via the internal door handle.
  • Optional electronic peep-holes equipped with a camera and a colour LCD screen.
  • 3mm thick internal and external aluminium door panels.
  • Structurally anchored security rosette protecting the cylinder against drilling.
  • 3-piece security door hinges protect the hinge side and prevent burglars from dismounting the door leaf.

Superior performance, long-term rewards

Inotherm aluminium doors are built to withstand the elements and keep you comfortable over a long lifespan. Each Inotherm door comes with built-in performance features to ensure outstanding thermal performance and insulation, structural integrity and energy-savings.

  • 85mm thick solid door leaf, with polyurethane infill and 3mm thick aluminium plates to both sides, achieving a 0.74W/m2K – 0.86W/m2K U-Value range.
  • Triple glazed as standard, incorporating 6mm glass planes and affording a U-values as low as o.5W/m2K.
  • Anti-bending expansion layer prevents the door from bending, maintaining door stability under sudden temperature changes.
  • A robust aluminium threshold with thermal break and additional seal.
  • 3 liquid seals to the door and door leaf, with vulcanised corners. 

    Perfected by design

    Inotherm’s selection of door styles come in a wealth of colour combinations and finishes, from classic to statement. A high-quality powder-coated finish ensures exceptional colour fastness and weather resistance. Available colours and finishes include: 

    • Matte or glossy colour tones, matched to any RAL value
    • Structural and metallic colour tones
    • Wood décors
    • Rustic wood décors
    • Decorative décors

    Choose from ornamental and tinted Parsol glass, engravings and stained glass, or motif glass containing Swarovski crystals, your house number or custom graphics.

    For a show-stopping finishing touch, Inotherm’s accessories range – including concealed or recessed handles with a fingerprint reader and LED illumination – offers even more opportunities to customise. 

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