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Venetian Blinds

Simple and elegant

Say goodbye to the clutter of wall or frame mounted blinds with a shading solution for your windows and doors that’s completely encapsulated within the glass. 

Integral venetian blinds offer clean lines with virtually no maintenance, and complete control over light and shade. Suitable for new build and retrofit projects alike, let us help you to make a difference to your home that you didn’t think was possible

Vermont Shade White Front Door

Privacy matters

For those of us living next to busy roads or overlooked by neighbouring properties, integral venetian blinds are a godsend. They ensure we can share as much or as little as we like with the outside world, all achieved quickly and simply.

Agate Grey Jacobean Front Door

Shade made easy

Integral venetian blinds offer a simple and elegant solution to light and shade control. Manually operated using magnetic controls, choice around how much light to let in has never been simpler. Venetian blinds can be left in an open, closed, or tilted position.

Chartwell Green Front Door

Low maintenance

Our venetian blinds are sealed in a double glazed unit, so almost no cleaning or maintenance is needed. A routine clean of external sliders is all that’s required as, unlike other window dressings, these blinds are not exposed to dust or dirty fingers.

Bringing glazing to life

Outstanding aesthetics are matched with superior technical and functional qualities, with all of our blinds manufactured in the UK using world-renowned systems from Italian blinds specialist Pellini.

Vogue Shade White

Manual control

Our integral venetian blinds have magnetic attraction – literally! Our blinds feature a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider to control the whole operation.

A narrow slide guide on the side of the sealed unit enables the cordless magnetic slider to be used to raise, lower and tilt the blind with ease.

Agate Grey Jacobean

Colour, inside & out

Integral venetian blinds are available in a broad range of colours, helping you to incorporate them into your interior design scheme. The finishes available are: White, Yellow, Beige, Green, Light Blue, Cream, Light Grey, Slate Grey, Agate (also known as Painswick), Metallic Silver, Silver and Anthracite.

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