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Blackout Blinds

Darkness on Demand

Sometimes only complete darkness will do. So, if getting a proper night’s sleep or enjoying your favourite films in all their glory is proving difficult, external light pollution is probably the problem.

Maybe you have bright streetlights close to your home or you’re faced with the nuisance of headlights from passing cars throughout the night. Whatever your situation, you’ll likely find that standard curtain or blinds don’t quite block out unwanted light completely.

Our pleated blackout blinds provide a dependable solution. They are encapsulated within a double glazed unit, blackout blinds make use of advanced blind fabric, as well as technology that almost entirely eliminates light bleed from the edges and corners.

The fabric also has a high thermal resistance too, which means it will help to keep a room cool in the summer months.

Blackout integral blind

Daytime darkness

A great solution for nightshift workers who need daytime darkness to sleep.

Superior quality and Italian styling manufactured in the UK.

Agate Grey Jacobean Front Door

Smooth & reliable

Smooth, long lasting functional reliability with no need for cleaning.

Patented glazing technology maximises energy performance.

Chartwell Green Front Door

Flexible & safe

Fully compliant and affiliated with RoSPA safety standards.

Suitable for a wide range of windows and doors, including bifolds.

Complete darkness when you need it

Our pleated blackout integral blinds set new standards in their effectiveness to block out nuisance external light. They are designed to help where a lifestyle or property location means that standard blinds are simply not enough. 

Vogue Shade White

Manual control

Encapsulated completely within a double glazed unit, the pleated integral blackout blinds prevent light transmission thanks to an advanced fabric, as well as a design that eliminated light bleed around the edges and corners.

Our integral blinds are manually controlled and suitable for standard double glazed windows and doors in both new build and retrofit projects. They are available in a range of colours, each with light and solar reflection of at least 70%, and solar absorption of 0%.

Agate Grey Jacobean

A splash of colour

The integral blackout blinds that we offer are available in a range of colours, all of which are available to be seen in our showroom. The range of colours includes: White, Alabaster, Dove, Grey Sheen, Grey Ridge, Cocoa, Anthracite and Black. The external facing side of the blind is always black, helping to achieve the high solar and light reflection standards.

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