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Flush Windows – Tradition With A Twist

Flush casement windows have taken the home improvement industry by storm over recent years, allowing homeowners to enjoy the look of traditional timber windows but with the thermal performance of uPVC. We are approved installers of The Residence Collection, which are arguably the best flush casement windows available.


What Is A Flush Window?

Flush windows are designed to imitate timber windows. Where the windows open, there isn’t an external lip – the opening part of the window instead sits flush against the frame. This detail looks very similar to how timber windows are made, allowing homeowners to achieve a traditional look without compromising on thermal performance. Not only that, but uPVC flush windows don’t need to be painted like their timber alternatives. A wipe down from time to time with a cloth and some uPVC cleaner is the only maintenance that your flush window frames will need.

Aside from being flush, there are other details that also help to achieve a traditional timber look. Features include Georgian bars, traditional hardware, and decorative  corner posts.


Introducing The Residence Collection

Replacing your windows is a big decision, and we understand that choosing the both the right style and the right company is crucial. With The Residence Collection, you’ll have peace of mind that your windows will absolutely look the part. Team that with our 28 years of experience replacing windows, and you’ve a recipe for success.

The Residence Collection offers a broad choice of colours and finishes across the R7 and R9 collections. We have pages dedicated to each style, plus case studies for you to research even further.

Book A Consultation

If you are considering The Residence Collection for your home and would like to know more about what these windows have to offer, a good place to start is with a design consultation. There are often many factors to take into account when designing new windows, from the age of the property through to choosing the right finish to match brick or stone. We have been working across Manchester and Cheshire for almost three decades, and we’ll us our wealth of experience to help guide you through everything from design to installation.