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High Performance Garden Studios

Increase your living space with one of our low maintenance, highly insulated composite garden studios. Installed in as little as 3 days and perfect for a number of different uses, our studios offer the perfect solution.

High Performance Garden Studios

Constructed from high performance composite wood, our range of studios are low maintenance, sturdy and versatile. Available in a range of styles and sizes, allowing you to make use of your outdoor space all year. Choose from single or dual authentic wood tones, embossed with a woodgrain effect that looks and feels just like real timber.

Our composite garden buildings are designed and manufactured to be 100% maintenance free structures which means you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sanding your Garden room and they are guaranteed to not rot or warp. In fact, we can assure you that your Garden Room will look as good in 5 years time as it does today, making a composite garden rooms not only a versatile addition to your garden with traditional timber looks, but also a practical investment too.


A unique blend of recycled materials

Our garden studios are constructed using a unique blend of recycled materials.

60% traceable recycled wood from timber mills and 40% recycled plastic polymers which provides excellent insulation, weather resistance and security, whilst being virtually no maintenance.

You will truly need to see our products to believe the extremely remarkable resemblance they have to their Timber counterpart.

Choose from our extensive range of colours and finishes to ensure that you have the Timber-look of your dreams, and we can assure that you will have a beautiful addition to your home that maintains its beauty whatever the conditions.


Design Your Studio

Fully Customisable

From a standard Ashmere to a fully bespoke garden space, our fully interactive garden studio designer will allow you to design your own garden room tailored to your own personal specifications and requirements with minimal effort.

Design your dream garden room in 3 simple steps

Select a width and depth then add windows, doors and choose a colour. You can even add canopies, flyovers and cheeks to create a garden room of your dreams.

360 degree view

Drag and rotate your creation at anytime during the process and see how your garden room will look from any angle.

Once you have completed the design process, a summary of your garden room will automatically be emailed to a you and a member of our team, so they can review your design and finalise an estimate.