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Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

Extending your living space for occasional use doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A conservatory with a polycarbonate roof is a cost-effective way of adding to your home whilst enjoying natural light. A polycarbonate roof is incredibly lightweight, durable and helps your conservatory retain warmth thanks to a series of insulating chambers. Couple this with a reflective heat guard property, and you new living space is complete.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of installing our high quality polycarbonate roofs include:

  • Quick, simple installation
  • Suitable as a replacement roof or as part of a new conservatory
  • Compatible with most uPVC windows
  • Latest technology for quality and performance
  • Available in a range of colours, including oak and rosewood
  • Cost-effective and durable

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs Made-To-Measure

Every conservatory roof that we install is professionally designed in-house by one of our experienced experts. Whilst every home is different, popular styles include:

Gable ended

If you’re considering replacing your existing conservatory, whether just the roof alone or the frames as well, consider inviting us to your home to discuss the different options avilable to you. We don’t give prices in the house or expect a decision on the day – it’s just a relaxed way to find out more about what can be done to transform your space.


Choosing Your Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate roofs are available in a range of colours and thicknesses. The sheets of polycarbonate are typically 25mm or 35mm in thickness, with a colour choice of clear, bronze, opal, bronze/opal and solarguard. Our Opal roof gives a bright internal appearance even on a dull day, reduces solar heat gain and provides privacy. Solarguard limits the potential for heat build-up within the conservatory, whilst allowing light to enter the roof, deflecting solar radiation and reducing solar heat gain by up to 50% when compared with conventional polycarbonates.


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