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New Year, New Hue

Image credit: Coincasa (www.elledecor.com) If you’re reading this you’ve survived Christmas, well done. As you might be in the midst of shooing away the relatives, packing up all the [...]

Feeling Blue

Image Credit: apartmenttherapy.com (www.apartmenttherapy.com) For 20 years, Pantone’s anticipated Colour of the Year has influenced design across the creative and lifestyle industries. Pantone recently announced its colour for 2020, Classic [...]

CE Marking

You’ll see when you look at our products that many have a mark on them with the letters ‘CE’. This is an important mark, not only for us to show that we are doing our [...]

How to keep Old Homes Energy Efficient

Everything you need to know about making your old home energy efficient. Let’s be honest; old homes are lovely and full of character, but draughty windows, rattling doors and boilers that came out of the [...]

Conservatory or no Conservatory?

Sitting in your garden shivering a little in the archetypal British summer and looking next door to see your neighbours sitting in their conservatory enjoying it a lot more than you are will certainly get [...]

The Great Energy Bill Debate

We all know that with double glazing, conservatories and sufficient insulation in our homes, we can save on our heating bills as cold weather is kept out and heat is kept in, but where does [...]

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