Everything you need to know about making your old home energy efficient.

Let’s be honest; old homes are lovely and full of character, but draughty windows, rattling doors and boilers that came out of the Ark can cause financial problems as well as letting Jack Frost in as the cold weather creeps into our lives later in the year. Old cottages and Victorian houses are the worst culprits, and it’s a real challenge to make a house a home without sacrificing that lovely character that drew you to the place when you first saw it.

There are many insulation options, from cavity walls, and loft/floor insulation, but when it comes to helping to heat your home by not losing the heat that’s inside, we can help you with options for both double glazed windows and even beautiful sliding sash windows in white, golden oak and rosewood as well as mock sliding sash windows that push out rather than sliding up and down (in a variety of colours).

The main thing that we feel we do best, besides providing a quality product at an affordable price, is to provide a product that fits in with your house. We appreciate that there is nothing worse than a house that has changes made to it that are detrimental to the character of the property; which is why we have a great range of products and colours when it comes to windows.