Good News for Flat Roofs

Roof choice is made for a variety of reasons, architectural requirements, planning restrictions, economic considerations, and more and more people are choosing flat roofs, rather than the sloped ones, for new developments, particularly with the latest technical advances.

Flat roofs are now much more durable that previously, particularly with modern materials, such as EPDM, so they can now be a positive choice for a build, rather than an unsatisfactory compromise. Especially since as the time spent building them is less than that of a tiled roof, they are easy to maintain and can save you both money and energy.

At Alexander Windows, we can offer the option of a Firestone flat roof constructed of heavy-duty EPDM membrane which is incredibly durable. It has been tested in the heat of Arizona and the cold of the Arctic, and the system we use has been installed on hundreds of thousands of homes across the world. The membrane is secured using an incredibly strong adhesive, so there are no naked flames present on site.

In all flat roof construction there are two parts. Where possible, we install Kingspan insulation between the joists, so it will increase the insulation properties of the roof. Keeping heat in means reduced bills. Then, the waterproof EPDM membrane, a PVC-like synthetic rubber coating, properly sealed and subject to a regular check to make sure that any external elements stay where they should – on the outside.

Flat roofs offer the chance to guard against any leaks by use of a single coating with no joins for most domestic installations, and when built correctly any water pooling has not chance to form a leak even in the harshest of weather, though a correct ‘fall’ in the construction will minimise this risk.

Flat roof maintenance is easy – with no cement or lead valleys to crack, the main task is to reduce ponding water, regularly inspect the flashings that adjoin the main building, and remove the build-up of any organic matter. At all times take care when working at height, and unless experienced, use the services of a qualified (and insured!) roofer. The minimum lifespan of our Firestone flatroof system is 30 years. Alexander Windows offer a full 20 year warranty.

If you are planning and extension, new build, or are replacing a worn-out bitumen or felted roof, give as a call on FREEPHONE 0800 954 2500 if you would like to have a chat to one of our advisors about the flat roof option or email us at

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