Sitting in your garden shivering a little in the archetypal British summer and looking next door to see your neighbours sitting in their conservatory enjoying it a lot more than you are will certainly get you thinking about whether or not to get a conservatory for yourself.

After all, you know you have the space to get one built, and you know that, by contacting us here at Alexander Windows, you will not have to break the bank to pay for it and that it would be a quality addition to your home in keeping with the house as it stands.

So why not do a little more than think about it?

After all, a conservatory will give you more living space, adding to the amount of room you have downstairs – a bonus especially if you are expecting additions to your family be it children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces. And the cost of a conservatory will generally be a lot cheaper than moving house into somewhere bigger taking into consideration the current rise in house prizes, the cost of stamp duty and the actual cost of moving – not to mention the upheaval to your life and the dread of having to decorate any new house to your own taste!

And what about that feeling that you get when the sun is shining and you step out into your garden? How good do you feel as sunlight cascades on you as you gaze out onto the garden? With a conservatory, the smooth transition from back room to garden is easy and carefree, taking in the amazing ambient light quality that you get in a conservatory. In fact, many conservatory owners have even suggested that a conservatory actually brings the garden into your house as opposed to the other way round!

And finally think about that day that you have just experienced as the neighbours in their garden enjoyed the pitter-patter sound of the raindrops starting with you scrambling to pack away the chairs to get inside, grabbing drinks and newspapers in an undignified dash for the door. A quick peek over the fence saw them enjoying their lunch in relaxing comfort in a warm, comfortable and well-lit environment.

With a conservatory, that could well be you! All year round!

Give us a ring for a no-obligation chat.

And it could be the neighbour on the other side that is casting jealous glances in your direction.