You’ll see when you look at our products that many have a mark on them with the letters ‘CE’. This is an important mark, not only for us to show that we are doing our job properly but for you too, because it means that what you are getting meets some of the most stringent requirements possible when it comes to health, safety and environmental standards in Europe.

ln fact, although it is often believed that CE actually stands for Conformité Européenne, meaning “European Conformity”, what it DOES stand for is the fact that the product meets the high and exacting standards of Alexander Windows, details of which you can see on our Declaration of Performance certificates, which you can see here

Not everything needs a CE mark – only those products that the European Community has decided needs some sort of manufacturing standard,- but it does show that things have been checked and passed as fit to be used for the purpose for which they have been created: to improve your home.

We need to make sure that we comply with bodies like FENSA and the Health & Safety Executive, so there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we have to do to make sure that we meet the criteria. It is also up to us to put the mark onto anything we make that needs it – just so that the customer can have that little bit more peace of mind when it comes to choosing windows and doors from Alexander Windows.

The details are complicated, and if you’re interested we’d love to explain. Rest assured, though, that on any of the products that need it, the CE sign is in the right place, and full details about where and how the product was made, and any certificates it needs are kept with other relevant information.

And all so the customer can see that they are buying quality – which is what we like, and also what we supply.